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Identity number: 1196880000607001 Place of Issue: NYARUGENGE

Date of birth: October 09th,1968

Nationality: Rwandan


  Phone: + 250 728 511 288

E-mail: nsengudio@yahoo.fr

Mob: + 250 788 520 520,

          + 250 788 867 292,

 Sex: Male

Marital Status: Married with 4 children



  1. Spoken and written languages





To work in a problem solving position, Knowledge in bank operations, Experience in project management, more to do with people issues, Knowledge in international and local markets, Good in Planning, Customer Care, Administration, recruitment, creative and innovative, People Counselling, Efficient communication and interpersonal skills, Self-Motivated, Good analytical, Organizational skills management, Able to function honestly and with integrity in a multi-cultural environment, Able to work under unfavourable conditions and Able to work as a team.



2015 – 2016 Master’s degree of Commerce from the Indian University called Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU)
2001 – 2005 Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration, specialization in Finance, from KIST ( Kigali Institute of Sciences, Technology and Management )
1991 – 1994 Advanced diploma in Bio-Chemistry and Human Sciences, from Academic studies in the Faculty of Medicine at National University of Rwanda (Southern Region).


1983 – 1989 Diploma in Sciences, Latin-Sciences option at “Petit Séminaire St Vincent” of NDERA – GASABO District.


1975 – 1983 Certificate at EPA (Ecole Primaire d’Application), Kigali City – Rwanda.




January 2017 – Up to now:

 Self employed in the following fields of management consultancy:

  • Lecturer of courses related to Marketing and Financial Management
  • Trainer of short courses related to Customer Service,
  • Providing advices to people and organizations in need,
  • Managerial Capacity building
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution,
  • Helping individuals and organizations in implementation of project studies,
  • Preparation of action plans, recruitment and preparation of payrolls,
  • Teaching team leaders how to lead and drive sales and marketing teams,
  • Preparation of Statutes and Procedures’ Manuals for Emerging Organizations,
  • Advisor in different types of insurances, et cetera.
  • March 2014 – October 2016

Working with RADIANT INSURANCE COMPANY as Senior Marketing & Sales Officer with the following main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Establish the Marketing action Plan for the Commercial Department
  • Supervise and provide guidance to the team under my Responsibility,
  • sensitization and mobilization of new strategic potential clients
  • Recruitment and training of Commercial Representatives in charge of Sales & Marketing of insurance products,
  • Follow up on quotations, Review tender requirements and prepare tender documents with my team, before attending bids openings and prepare tender evaluation reports,
  • Attend the weekly Senior Management meetings of our Company.
  • Prepare and lead weekly activity meetings with my team for exchange of experience and brainstorming
  • Perform any other responsibility assigned by my Supervisor

  • February 2013 – February 2014:

Working with the Kibungo Catholic Diocese, in a project sponsorized by the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) as Managerial Capacity Building Coordinator, with the following responsibilities:

  • Coordination of implementation of procedures manuals in organs and institutions of the Diocese of Kibungo
  • Conduct institutional analysis and develop diagnostic tools to analyze organizational capacity. This analysis includes the SWOT analysis and identifies areas for improvement, budgets, business cases and papers for discussion and decision;
  • Create organizational profiles to identify gaps in capacity (governance, management of financial resources, technical capacity and management partners, human resources, inventories of movables and immovable property, etc.)
  • Organize visits in diocesan entities for the introduction of textbooks;
  • Schedule training sessions on the implementation of procedures manuals, adapt and distribute management tools for each entity of the Diocese ( Parish, production plants, schools, hospitals and health centers)
  • Guide and support the various bodies responsible in the use of procedures manuals;
  • Control and monitor from the diocesan bodies, inform the Diocese about management problems met in different organs and make necessary recommendations,
  • Ensure that monthly reports received from diocesan bodies are all well made and classified,
  • Ensure that monthly, quarterly and annually reports arrive to the Donor on time and maintain close collaboration between the Diocese and the Donor,
  • Organize coordination meetings with technical staff and ensure the supervision of the assistants of the projects,
  • Provide technical assistance in managing the institutions of the Diocese in need and ensure that the bodies of the Diocese of Kibungo are trained correctly and apply procedures’ manuals
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities assigned by my Supervisor

  • January 2012 – January 2013:

 Self employed in the following fields of management consultancy:

  • Providing advices to people and organizations in need,
  • Managerial Capacity building
  • Problem solving and conflict resolution,
  • Helping individuals and organizations in implementation of project studies,
  • Preparation of action plans, recruitment and preparation of payrolls,
  • Teaching team leaders how to lead and drive sales and marketing teams,
  • Preparation of Statutes and Procedures’ Manuals for Emerging Organizations,
  • Advisor in different types of insurances, et cetera.

  • January 2011 – December 2011:

Firstly working as a Consultant and Advisor in Management, I contributed in the creation of the National Union of Disabilities’ Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR), an Umbrella of Rwandan Disabilities’ Organizations created by the People with Disabilities Organizations (PDOs) themselves during September 2010, in order to unify their forces and stand together to advocate and fight for the rights & dignity of their members, persons with disabilities; and also for those Organization to be represented as one Voice since the said PDOs were informed that the government was planning to transform the National Federation for Persons with Disabilities (FENAPH) in to a completely governmental organ called the National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), which was meaning that PDOs were no longer represented in the Rwandan Platform of the Civil Society Organizations.

After FENAPH closes its doors I’m working with NUDOR as Executive Secretary in preparing all the required legal documents for its registration and for it to be legally and formally established and implement its Action Plan for 2011 and later, the 5 years operational plan for NUDOR developed through broad based consultations with members and key stakeholders.

  • March 2010 – December 2010:


Working with the National Federation for Persons with Disabilities (FENAPH) under the direct Supervision of the FENAPH’s National Committee and under the tutor of MINALOC State Minister in charge of Social Affairs & Community Development as Executive Secretary mainly in charge of:

Working with the National Committee by:

Supporting the National Committee on all matters relevant to the discharge of its responsibilities;

  1. Developing proposals, budgets, business cases and papers for discussion and decision;

Leading and managing the organization by:


  • Ensuring that a long term strategy is in place to guide the organization in achieving its objectives;
  1. Providing leadership and motivation to the staff team and volunteers;
  2. Ensuring that the organization has the appropriate resources (Human, IT, Financial, Physical and Time) to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible;

  1. Promoting the organization:


  1. Seeking opportunities to promote and expand the role of the organization within Government, Civil Society and the Persons with Disability sector at national, district and sector levels;
  • Ensure that the organization is presented in an appropriate and professional manner to all its stakeholders and the media;
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Management.

  • November 2007 – February 2010 :


Working in LOTTO RWANDA S.A. as Marketing & Sales Director mainly in charge of managing the Sales and Marketing Department by putting in place Distribution, Sales, Marketing & Communications strategies as follow:

  1. Distribution:


  1. Driving initiatives to support shopping strategy and revenue growth,
  2. Manage and responsible for liaising with own channels and other sourcing distribution networks,
  • Act as an enhanced market feedback centre,
  1. Sending customer and market research information back to the head office for decisions such as new market entry,
  2. Make studies on market prioritization and fix commission rates,
  3. Sales:


  1. Planning and setting sales targets,
  • Recruit and train sales staff,
  • Introduce new products and sales schemes,
  1. Allocate sales areas,
  2. Compile and analyze sales data and inventory requirements;
  3. Propose, implement and monitor performance and create incentive schemes or other ways to motivate staff to reach their targets,

  1. Marketing:


  • Pro-actively develop products,
  • Establishing pricing and winning strategies to satisfy our customers’ demand,
  • Develop and implement clear customer driven promotional strategies,
  1. Coordinate marketing, products and technology to support the global strategy of the company,

  1. Communications:

  • Manage and transmit communications to sellers in order to maximize awareness and drive product demand,
  • Develop communication and sponsorship strategy for National Events awareness,
  • Making necessary media contacts (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.) to publicize LOTTO RWANDA S.A.,
  • Promoting brand visibility and campaigns to enhance our profile and reputation
  1. Perform any other duties as assigned by the management.

  • October 2005 –November 2007 :


 Working in BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS GROUP (BCS Group) successively as Sales & Marketing Manager and then General Manager of the TUVUGANE Division mainly in charge of managing the Division by promoting the business growth and retention through the implementation and Coordination of Strategies and tactics focused on encouraging the development of the TUVUGANE business by:

  1. Planning an effective and efficient distribution channel based on an accurate analysis and selected criteria from the field,
  2. Designing detailed action plans and developing strategies regarding continuous upgrade of TUVUGANE operations,
  • Visiting field offices and analyzing TUVUGANE Performance in different provinces with a view to increase revenue and performance perfection,
  1. Monitoring TUVUGANE competitiveness with different brands in the market by periodically doing a SWOT analysis to establish our position in the market, get to know our resources versus the competition and establish the major players and map out our products against the competitors’ products,
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of Supervisors and field officers through regular field visits  and presenting visit reports to the management;
  3. Communicating necessary information that is supposed to be known by our business partners  and clients;
  • Identifying potential business partners/companies for a visit to talk about BCS products and services;
  • Soliciting for new business opportunities as well as monitoring competition within the market ;
  1. Establishing our clients’ general and specific needs and advocating actions to increase customer satisfaction ;
  2. Making necessary media contacts (newspapers, radio, TV, etc.) to publicize BCS ;
  3. Identifying and conducting Cost/Benefit Analysis of Value-for-Money deals for implementation ;
  • Organizing and participating in all marketing activities, and ensuring that other concerned persons in the company participate ;
  • Monitoring the weaknesses and strengths in the company’s TUVUGANE department,
  • Follow up on quotations, review tender requirements and prepare tender documents,
  1. Attend bids openings and prepare tender evaluation reports
  • Promoting BCS Group brand visibility,
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the Management.

  • June 1997- October 2005:

Working in SORAS (Rwandan Insurance Company) with these different attributions:

  1. Commercial Manager of the Life insurance Department with following main tasks :
    1. Establish the Marketing Action Plan for the Life Insurance Unity,
    2. Supervise and provide guidance to heads of sections under my responsibility,
  • Sensitisation and mobilization of new strategic potential clients,
  1. Recruitment and training of commercial representatives in charge of marketing and sales of Insurance products,
  2. Organize on own initiative operational meetings in connection with the Life Insurance Unity,
  3. Organize regular trainings of SORAS representatives on District levels to provide them with an update information regarding the Life Insurance Unity in order to improve their performance and professionalism,
  • Compile and update publicity and promotional documentation,
  • Follow up on quotations, review tender requirements and prepare tender documents,
  1. Attend bids openings and prepare tender evaluation reports,
  2. Perform any other responsibility as and when required.

  1. B. Branch Manager of SORAS Branch of NYABUGOGO in charge of:

  1. Increase the profitability of the agency by clients quality services orientation
  2. Elaboration of job description and supervision of staff under my responsibility
  • Control of the cash books and ensure the respect of financial rules and regulations of the company
  1. Encourage participation of all staff members by organizing regular operations meetings and take minutes for actions,
  2. Follow up on quotations, review tender requirements and prepare tender documents,
  3. Attend bids openings and prepare tender evaluation reports
  • Elaborate the monthly activity report to the top management
  • Perform any other tasks as assigned by supervision

  1. Head of Marketing Section and Inspection of SORAS Branches with following main tasks:

  1. Marketing action plan and provision of support to commercial representatives in charge of vehicles and life insurance
  2. Control of the use of all  material and financial resources allocated to different agencies and ensure reconciliation of financial books and physical balances

  1. D. Deputy Head of Commercial Department in charge of vehicles insurance. My main tasks were: Marketing and Public Relations, I was also leading a team of Producers and Commercial agents.

  • September 1996 to June 1997:

As a Commercial Consultant at BRALIRWA, I have conducted a survey on the quality of some of their products.

  • September1994 to August 1996:


Working in HOTEL DES MILLE COLLINES as Public relations Chief of Section with main following responsibilities:

  1. Room bookings,
  2. Supervision of cashiers,
  • Airport pick-up,
  1. Travel arrangements,
  2. Recording of daily transactions and provide activities reports to the Accounts Unit,
  3. Act as marketing officer,
  • Act as Duty Manager all the Mondays of the year.

  • January 1990 to October 1991:


Civil Servant at MINECOFIN (Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning) following responsibilities:

  1. To carry out a survey of the adequacy of educational qualifications and the occupied post,
  2. Analyse the relation between revenue and expenses of Rwandan population,
  • Coordinate the work of census takers during the national census in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund Agency (UNFPA),
  1. Record and analyse the results of the census.

  1. Word and Data Processing :

  • FIDELIO (for Hotel management)
  • SINTIA ( for management of fire, accidents, transport, vehicles and miscellaneous risks insurance )
  • CICA-RE (for life insurance management)
  • Intranet, Extranet Internet and Outlook explorer
  1. Training in different areas of the insurance and the reinsurance by Tunisian Experienced Trainers from an Organization named Atlas Technology Solutions (ATS)
  • One week training with SMART Applications International Ltd, a leading ICT solutions company based in Nairobi, Kenya, on how to use biometric, Smart cards in Radiant Medical Insurance in order to ensure the security and privacy in the use of the contributions of its different Partners.
  1. Three days of training of trainers on the Human Resources’ Management by the Catholic Relief Services Experts.
  2. Three days of training of trainers on the Financial Resources’ Management by the Catholic Relief Services Experts.
  3. Three days of training of trainers on the Material Resources’ Management by the Catholic Relief Services Experts.
  • 2 weeks workshop with SHIA (Swedish Organizations of Persons with Disabilities International Development Cooperation Association); Rwanda Program, at LAICO Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda, on how to prepare and implement Logical framework Activities.
  • One week training on Institutional Capacity building of the FENAPH’s Senior Management prepared by the Disabled People’s Organizations Denmark (DPOD) in collaboration with the National Union of Disabled People of Uganda (NUDIPU) which took place in Kampala, Uganda
  1. One week workshop with International Disability Alliance, learning about how to prepare a parallel report in connection with the implementation of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  2. Two months training in modern Business communication English at KIST
  3. Twelve months training by American trainers to the World known as

“CRESTCOM INTERNATIONAL” on how to become a Bullet Proof   Manager.

  • One week training named GSM►3G East & Central Africa which took place at Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi Kenya in order to promote innovation, regulation and investment for further development of mobile phones.
  • Three months training on Sale techniques of Life Insurance provided by experts from a Re-insurance company based in Togo known as “CICA-RE”
  • One week brainstorming organized by SORAS Senior Management to executive and middle executive employees on “Proximity Marketing Techniques”, “Integrated services” as well as  the basic exposure on “Reinsurance Techniques”.
  1. Six months English language training  by American Embassy in Rwanda
  • Clients quality services and staff welfare organised by a French Company known as “POLLEN” on request of “Hôtel des Mille Collines ”



  • Chairman of the Parents committee of students with disabilities at “Maison d’accueil l’Esperance de RULINDO”
  • Vice Chairperson of the Parents Committee of the COLLECTIF TUBAKUNDE
  • Advisor Member of the Board of Directors of COLLECTIF TUBAKUNDE
  • As Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Banque Populaire de
  • Muhima” during six years, I got one month training in effective Management of Micro-Financial Institutions by Swiss Experts from World Council of Credit Union “WOCCU”, sponsorised by the World Bank in collaboration with “Union des Banques Populaires du Rwanda” (UBPR). During that training we learnt among others how to identify, appreciate, monitor & evaluate bankable projects from our esteemed associates or customers.

The objective of conducting this training was in line with the respect of the Central Bank of Rwanda procedures in the area of granting credits which are subject to a deep analysis of the profitability and the social impact of the project where the requested credit will be invested.

  • As a part time Lecturer of Marketing and Customer Care in the Rwandan higher Institution called RWANDA TOURISM UNIVERSITY COLLEGE which teaches all about hospitality, I trained 150 employees of different Hotels and Restaurants of Kigali City during May and June 2007, about Customer Care, Front Office & Housekeeping.




Basketball, Entrepreneurship, Gym Tonic, Jogging, Praying, Reading, Teaching & Traveling.



I hold a driving licence category B

 I certify that the information I have given is true to the best of my knowledge.  

 Done at Kigali, April 22nd, 2019